App Store Connect and StopTheMadness

July 23 2020 by Jeff Johnson

This is a note for users of App Store Connect and StopTheMadness. Since the App Store Connect redesign last month around WWDC, there may be an incompatibility between drag and drop reordering of screenshots and the StopTheMadness "Drag and drop" website option. So if you're having any trouble with that, just create new custom website options for and disable the "Drag and drop" option. More instructions are on the StopTheMadness support page. I'll see if I can fix the issue, but it's a bit difficult to test at the moment, because I'd have to create a new app version in App Store Connect.

By the way, other new issues with the App Store Connect redesign are not my fault. For example, screenshots failing to upload, the Sales and Trends widget sending you back to the login page, or the Trends header requiring a reload before it shows you anything. Those issues are entirely the fault of the App Store Connect engineers and have nothing to do with StopTheMadness.

Addendum July 25

I can't reproduce this anymore, so maybe it was just a temporary glitch in App Store Connect. Please contact StopTheMadness support if experience any problems.

Jeff Johnson (My apps, PayPal.Me)