StopTheMadness for Firefox

January 16, 2019

By Jeff Johnson

The most requested feature for StopTheMadness has been Firefox support. Today, you got it! StopTheMadness in the Mac App Store now includes a Firefox extension. This is a free update for current owners of the Safari extension. And for new customers, StopTheMadness for Mac remains at the same (too) low price. That's 2 (two) browser extensions for the price of 1!

Since the Firefox Marketplace was unfortunately shut down, I had to think of a unique way to sell the Firefox extension. I decided that including it with the Safari extension was my best bet. To make Firefox recognize the extension inside the StopTheMadness Mac app requires a couple of manual steps, which the app guides you through. Hopefully this is straightforward, and the steps are also documented on the support page. I wish that everything could be automatic, but I had to work within the restrictions presented to me by Firefox and by the Mac App Store.

If I haven't yet convinced you why you need StopTheMadness, let my customers convince you with their spectacular reviews in the Mac App Store. I'm very grateful for the support and recommendations. Word of mouth is how indie developers survive. Thank you!