Stop The Madness

April 30, 2018 by Jeff Johnson

Have you ever tried to copy some text from a web site, but the web site prevented it? Or the web site inserted an advertisement into the copied text? Has a web site ever prevented you from pasting text into an input field? Has a web site ever disabled password autocomplete, for your "security"? It's madness! But no longer. Today I'm releasing a new Safari app extension called StopTheMadness that stops web sites from messing with the standard Mac user interface features you love and depend on. StopTheMadness is available now in the Mac App Store.

StopTheMadness currently handles the following user interface features in Safari: autocomplete, selection, cut, copy, paste, drag, drop, and contextual menus. Yes, believe it or not, a web site can prevent you from control-clicking to open a context menu. If you want a bitter taste of what web sites have the power to do, try this little test page that I wrote. StopTheMadness stops web sites from overriding the standard behavior for your favorite Mac features. I'm open to adding even more features if there are requests.

Version 1.0 of StopTheMadness requires macOS 10.13 High Sierra. I might add macOS 10.12 Sierra support later if there's sufficient demand. Unfortunately, there's a bug in Apple's SafariServices framework on macOS 10.12 that makes Sierra support troublesome.

StopTheMadness comes in the form of an app in the Mac App Store. Bundled inside the app is a Safari app extension. When you install the app, Safari should automatically notice the extension, which will appear in Safari's Preferences window under Extensions. For your security, however, Safari makes you manually enable an extension before it gets used, so you'll need to check the box next to StopTheMadness in Safari's Extensions Preferences. This only needs to be done once, and thereafter StopTheMadness is enabled permanently, even after app version updates.

Buy StopTheMadness now if you want to stop the madness on the web. Then please leave a 5-star rating and a nice review in the App Store, because this is how indie apps with no advertising budget get discovered. :-) Thank you!