Google Chrome can no longer disable hyperlink auditing

April 23 2019 by Jeff Johnson

As I mentioned in my blog post Safari link tracking can no longer be disabled, the hidden preference chrome://flags#disable-hyperlink-auditing to disable hyperlink auditing had already been removed from the beta versions of Google Chrome. Today, Google shipped Chrome 74 to the public, and this hidden preference is now indeed gone for everyone. The change log for Chrome 74 includes the removal of disable-hyperlink-auditing from Chromium.

Fortunately, StopTheMadness for Google Chrome now removes any "ping" attribute from links when you click on them, thereby preventing hyperlink auditing. Where Chrome now fails to protect your privacy, StopTheMadness will protect it. Moreover, StopTheMadness for Google Chrome also disables the Beacon API that's often used for tracking. Chrome never had a preference to disable beacons, but now there's a way to disable them with my extension.

Jeff Johnson (My apps, PayPal.Me)