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I'm Available For Hire

July 10, 2017

By Jeff Johnson

This is literally a once in a decade opportunity. The last time I was on the job market was 2008, and now I'm available for hire!

The other big news is that I'm relocating! For a number of years I had personal reasons to stay in Wisconsin, but now I'm free to move about the country. I'm open to a permanent, full-time software engineering position almost anywhere in the continental United States.

What I'm most excited about is the prospect of working in an office, believe it or not. I've been working from home for most of the past ten years, and I miss being around humans! I want to be part of a team. A team who works in the same time zone and zip code.

Here's my résumé.

Whither Underpass?

Ten months ago I started work as an indie developer on my app Underpass. I did everything myself, except for the app icon, which was designed by my friend and former coworker Christa Mrgan. I released Underpass 1.0 in the Mac App Store in January and Underpass 1.0 in the iOS App Store in April. As you know, however, life can be tough for a new indie developer in the App Store era. It's becoming apparent that Underpass probably won't generate enough revenue to support me. I gave indie development a shot, and I'd regret it for the rest of my life if I didn't try at least once, but it just hasn't worked out. I was never able to get significant attention, through either the media or word of mouth. Honestly, I'm not sure whether there's even a market for my app. I personally find Underpass useful and valuable, but I haven't seen evidence yet that many other people do. My niche may be too small to be viable, at any price.

I thought about doing independent consulting, and I received a few offers of contract work, but I decided that's not what I want to do as a career. The business side of the software business is not particularly attractive to me. That may be why my app wasn't successful. A business partner to share the load may have helped, but I couldn't find one here in Wisconsin. My talent is engineering, not marketing, so I want to return to engineering full-time.


If you're interested in hiring me, or you're aware of a position that I may find interesting, feel free to contact me. No recruiters please.

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