No cookie for you!

September 20, 2018

By Jeff Johnson

"This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience possible." In most cases, this is a lie. The best experience possible would generally be to not use cookies at all. In any case, say what you will about the GDPR, it has undeniably resulted in a proliferation of cookie consent dialogs on the web. I personally find that annoying and would rather not see those dialogs. If you share my annoyance, then I've got a little gift for you: a custom style sheet to block cookie and other privacy-related consent dialogs.

To use this style sheet with Safari, save nocookie.css somewhere on your Mac. Then open Safari's Preferences and select the Advanced pane. Finally, select your saved nocookie.css file in the Style Sheet popup. That's it, you're good to go browse.

I considered including the style sheet in StopTheMadness, but there's no way for a Safari app extension to selectively enable or disable CSS, and I was worried that some customers might want to see the dialogs. Thus, I'm offering the style sheet as a separate, free gift.

Version 1.0 of nocookie.css is pretty basic. I don't promise that it blocks all cookie dialogs, just some common ones. I'm open to suggestions for additions or improvements, and I may or may not update the file in the future. In the meantime, no cookie for you! Come back, one year.