I was on a podcast

June 27, 2017

By Jeff Johnson

I was on podcast! I talked about the making of my app Underpass, including topics such as Objective-C vs. Swift and nibs/xibs/storyboards vs. code. You can listen or download the episode at Underpass with Jeff Johnson.


That was the good news. The bad news is that there were some issues involving the podcast. The episode was actually recorded about 10 weeks ago. After recording, I was told that there was a long backlog of weekly episodes to be published. My episode was finally published 4 weeks ago. However, the podcast entrusts a third party to edit the show and write the show notes. My episode was not edited well, and the show notes were awful, to the extent of making me and my app look bad. So the episode was pulled right after publication. The episode was re-posted much later with slightly improved show notes. Apparently the episode was also re-edited, but the new version has still not been posted yet. You can't play the episode in the show's iTunes listening, because the episode link is a 404, so the only way I know to access the episode is from the show's web site.

I haven't had much luck talking with the people who make the show. And the show otherwise seems to be pretty dead now, they haven't posted any more episodes since mine a month ago. I considered disassociating my name entirely from the show and asking for it to be deleted, but I already went to the trouble of recording it, so I might as well let my excellent readers and followers know about it.

This was my first ever podcast appearance. Needless to say, the experience has kind of soured me on that, so I'm not likely to appear on another one any time soon. Thus, this may be your one and only opportunity to hear my (monotone) voice!


After this article was published today, the re-edited audio seems to have been posted on the show's web site. The download links also seem to have been fixed today in iTunes, so you might be able to listen to the episode there too. I have no idea whether these changes were a result of my article or merely a cosmic coincidence.