Private browsing in Safari with StopTheMadness

June 10 2019 by Jeff Johnson

Today I released StopTheMadness version 7.1 in the Mac App Store. There's one new feature: StopTheMadness now stops web sites from detecting that you're in private browsing mode in Safari!

In a sense, if the web site knows that you're in private browsing mode, it's not completely private, is it? Some sites will even attempt to disable themselves in private windows, which defeats the whole purpose of private windows. If you can't use a feature, then the feature effectively doesn't exist. Among the many protections it offers you, StopTheMadness now protects your private browsing in Safari too.

As a bonus for all you intrepid beta testers, StopTheMadness 7.1 works around an issue with the Safari 13 beta on the macOS 10.15 Catalina beta that can cause some web sites to think you're in private browsing mode when you're not actually in private browsing mode. Why file a Radar — err, submit a Feedback — and hope a solution comes eventually when you can simply install StopTheMadness and solve the issue immediately! StopTheMadness makes Safari better for you on Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, and now Catalina.

Jeff Johnson (My apps, PayPal.Me)