Working without a nib, Part 9: Shipping without a nib

January 25, 2017

This blog post is short but sweet. It answers the age-old question (if your age is 6 years old): can you ship an app in the Mac App Store without a nib? In a recent blog post I talked about making a nibless app with ARC on the latest (the only) version of macOS. In an even more recent blog post I talked about releasing Underpass, my new Mac app. Until now, though, I hadn't connected the two.

Good news, everyone! The answer is yes. No nibs or xibs were used or harmed in the making of Underpass. If you don't believe me, then buy the app and look inside the app bundle. If you do believe me, then buy the app and stare lovingly at the app icon.

No undocumented SPI was required. I did it entirely with fully supported, approved API. All it takes is a little code and a little patience. Relatively speaking, of course. So don't let the novelty stop you from ditching nibs in your Mac app, because it's no longer novel. Boldly go where one man has gone before!