WordPress Bug Fix!

This is the first post in what I hope is a series, which I’ll call “WordPress Bug Fix Near Saturday”. And while I’m naming things, I’ll call this first post “Episode IV: A New Hope” (to be followed, no doubt, by “Episode V: All Hope Dashed”). I’m very happy to report that the ETag parsing bug has been fixed in WordPress 2.0.7. Thus, if you’re running WordPress 2.0.7 on your site, you no longer have to comment out the following line in the file wp-includes/classes.php:

@header("ETag: $wp_etag");

My logs confirm that WordPress is now correctly parsing its own ETags and sending out HTTP 200 and 304 responses as appropriate. The Penultimate Warrior is victorious and undefeated! Note, however, that none of the bugs that I reported before the Warrior started Running Wild® (cp. Going Wild®) have been fixed yet.

Speaking of my web site logs, they contain a list of phrases that were used to find my site from internet search engines. I’d like to share a few of them that have caught my eye:

  1. instructions+for+using+the+thighmaster

    Squeeze, release, repeat. You’re welcome.

  2. how+do+u+declare+a+pointer+to+an+array+of+pointers+to+int%3f%3f+in+c+language

    int * (* ptr)[];

  3. talk+to+cat+software

    That doesn’t exist, Dr. Doolittle. Try meowing.

  4. cat+lederhosen

    I’ve given your IP to the SPCA.

  5. betamax+the+sausage+and+the+mouse

    These aren’t the droids we’re looking for.

  6. what+does+ns+stand+for+i+cocoa

    NeXTSTEP. Next!

  7. circle+k+employee+uniforms

    I’m so very sorry, dude.

  8. if+jeff+s+usual+is+a+hint+for+a+password+what+is+the+password

    Stop trying to hack into my account, you scoundrel!

2 Responses to “WordPress Bug Fix!”

  1. Michael Koziarski says:

    I always thought NS stood for “we don’t have any NameSpaces” :)

  2. [...] The network has decided to renew my series for at least one episode. WordPress 2.3 is approaching release, and I’m pleased with the progress that it has made in supporting syndicated feeds. The patch I submitted to fix the Atom feed modification date bug has been committed to the trunk. RSS 2.0 feeds still don’t give modification dates, but that could be considered a personal preference. (As can RSS 2.0 itself. Of course, no one would prefer the worse to the better, as Socrates would say, if he were 2500 years old and spoke English.) [...]