Failed Slower

Normally I refrain from linking to other blog posts. I don’t really consider myself to be part of the blogosphere. (We are the blogocube. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Bring your own beer.) Instead, I figure that you can follow my Favorite Feeds, which you can find in the sidebar of my blog, in my favorite feed reader, which you can get from Vienna Downloads. By the way, I just updated my Favorite Feeds today.

In the case of Fail Faster by Terrence Talbot, resistance to linking was futile. His blog was not yet in my Favorite Feeds, though it is now, and more important, he stole my idea! (I actually have a file named ideas.txt.) Anyway, read the post, because it’s a good idea, naturally. I implemented the idea back in Vienna revision 446, so I guess I can’t complain that I didn’t have enough time to publish it. D’oh! I’ll just add my two cents, which by coincidence is my standard consulting fee. Another source of build failures is Xcode itself. Believe it or not, Xcode still has a few bugs. Sometimes the only way to get your project to build correctly is to Clean first. When you Clean, however, any copied resources are deleted, so if your Copy Resources phase is at the beginning of the build, you may be needlessly repeating the copy phase.

This post as you know it is over. Length is irrelevant. Closing tags, on the other hand, are relevant. You must add </p>. Comply.

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