What I’ve been doing recently

I’ve been asked what I do for a living by a number of my loyal fans. For example, two of my parents. (The third doesn’t care.) Deplorably, I receive no residuals from “The Distinguished Gentleman”, so I guess that I’m a working man. I tried working for no pay, but as rewarding as that was, I couldn’t get my landlord to appreciate the value of my contributions to the open source community. Therefore, I had to sell out to The Man.

The man, in this case, was Marko Karppinen. Marko, you Da Man! Paul, you de Man. When I joined Marko Karppinen & Co., the hazing began immediately: my first assignment was to implement full disk encryption. I also had to purify myself in the waters of Lake Päijänne. I must have passed the initiation, though, because Knox 1.5 is here. It kicks ass! (It sure kicked my ass.) If you don’t believe me, you can download and try it yourself free for 30 days. Launch it from the distribution dmg for kicks. Knox makes encrypting your data effortless, disproving the proverb that you can’t put a price on security. In my opinion, Knox is under-priced, and I’m not saying that because I’m financially compensated by MK&C. Actually, I’m not financially compensated by MK&C.

No, Marko isn’t holding my cats hostage for code. I decided to leave the company recently to pursue another opportunity. Plus, the daily commute to Helsinki was kind of long. I left on good terms, hopefully, and I miss those Pyro-maniacs, my fellow MKCKittens (inside joke). They’re a great group of folks! The strangest aspect of my job was that I never met my coworkers, since I quit right before WWDC. D’oh! I like to imagine that the gang at MK&C is exactly like Dethklok. Did anyone see Toki at the Moscone Center? I guess that makes me Pickles, or maybe the rock & roll clown.

It should be noted that according to my careful tests — I checked my gut and Wikipedia — Knox 1.5 was entirely bug free when I finished. By that irrefutable logic, therefore, any problems that you think you may experience with Knox 1.5 are purely imaginary, and you should ask your doctor about Thorazine. I cannot say the same, however, about that whole Master Control Program I wrote, which got a little out of hand.

My other major project at MK&C was Pyro 1.6. If you use Campfire chat, then Pyro will blow your mind. Or anyway, it significantly enhances the experience. Among the new features Pyro 1.6 introduces is instantaneous switching between multiple chat rooms. (I’m partial toward automatic zip-archiving and uploading of folders and packages.) If you don’t use Campfire, you and your company should give it a try. We used Campfire extensively for internal communication and for customer support.

By the way, there are apparently some problems with Pyro under the deceptively-named Safari 3 beta. That’s not our fault, because Apple released it without any advanced notice to developers. The so-called Safari beta is actually an update to the WebKit system framework, affecting any application on your computer that uses WebKit, not just Safari. The Safari beta has caused problems for other apps too, including Vienna and Apple’s own Mail and iChat, so apparently it was a secret within Apple as well, or they didn’t test it enough. Brutal.

Ranting aside, I’d like to thank Marko for letting me hack on his public-facing apps. Not only would I like to thank him, but I shall. Thanks, Marko! I hope that he and everyone else enjoy the results. Now I must move on and take the next step in my goal of total world domination … by cats.

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  1. Nikita Zhuk says:

    It was nice working with you, Jeff! Btw, we had great time in WWDC (and especially at the Beer Bash =), it’s a shame you couldn’t join us.

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