WordPress Bug Fix Near Saturday: props lapcat

The network has decided to renew my series for at least one episode. WordPress 2.3 is approaching release, and I’m pleased with the progress that it has made in supporting syndicated feeds. The patch I submitted to fix the Atom feed modification date bug has been committed to the trunk. RSS 2.0 feeds still don’t give modification dates, but that could be considered a personal preference. (As can RSS 2.0 itself. Of course, no one would prefer the worse to the better, as Socrates would say, if he were 2500 years old and spoke English.)

Other syndication bugs that have been fixed in the trunk include checking the last modified date of posts rather than comments for comments feeds, an obsolete Atom feed template, and checking the last modified date of unapproved comments for comments feeds. WordPress 2.3 should be a good update for feed readers such as you and feed readers such as Vienna.

Time to go. Joan Cusack is calling again.

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