News Flash: Vienna brings down the mighty NewsGator

In an obvious gesture of defeat, NewsGator has announced that they — is a company a collective or an individual? — are no longer attempting to charge money for NetNewsWire. Their cover story is some mumbo-jumbo about “enterprise”. Sure, and Leopard was delayed by the iPhone. ;) What they would never admit publicly is that they realized it was pointless to compete against the best Mac RSS utility on the planet. Who would pay for NetNewsWire when Vienna is free? Not to mention open source! (Oops, I just mentioned it. I take it back.)

Let it not be said, however, that we are without pity for the downtrodden. On behalf of the Vienna developers, I apologize for destroying the commercial feed reader market. What else can I say? Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Give the fans what they want. The battle has certainly made great entertainment, the classic David vs. Goliath tale. Once again, David (actually Jeff) has overcome insurmountable obstacles, beat overwhelming odds, leapt over tall buildings in a single bound, to emerge victorious. It’s always a thrill to see the underdog win … except the Miami Dolphins.

Yet I shall only allow myself a moment to rest on my laurels, to savor the sweet smell of success. (It smells a little like tequila, actually.) For I’ve already chosen my next target: outliners. Look out, OmniGroup!

4 Responses to “News Flash: Vienna brings down the mighty NewsGator”

  1. Gus Mueller says:

    Just stay away from image editors and desktop wikis..

    Poor Omni. I should send flowers :)

  2. Dale Gillard says:

    I think you’re discounting the impact of Google Reader. A recent informal poll at asked Mac users what their fave RSS reader was and most nominated Google Reader. Vienna is only mentioned by one person who subsequently swapped to Reader.

  3. martind says:

    Looking forward to your outliner — I was already wondering why millions of devs implement todo-list apps, but nobody adds support for hierarchies.

    And I have been looking for a good replacement for OO anyway, for a number of reasons. (A *binary* file format? For an outliner!? etc)