C4: I’m a twit

In September I’m traveling to Illinois, affectionately known as the Land of 10,000 Tollbooths, in order to attend C4, affectionately known as C4. This year will be C4′s third, signified by the title C4[2] because programmers are terrible counters. In any case, I’ll be making an appearance there for the first, or nilth, time. The Rogue Amoeba army is planning to invade and conquer the conference, which we’ll subsequently rename to R4 (give or take an R, depending on how many of us show up).

The C4[2] online registration was unusual in requiring a Twitter ID. (@rentzsch I forgot to mention my special diet: Kobe fillet with Château Lafite.) As we all know, it’s against the law to ignore * in a web form. Thus, at the urging of my attorney, my agent, and my astrologer (all the same person), I signed up. Fedaykin, follow me!

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