Postlude in C4[2] major

I’m back safe, cat in lap, from C4[2]. This year’s theme was “Don’t ship until it’s ready, i.e., early and often, and don’t price too low, i.e., make it free.” I would like to thank @rentzsch for hosting the best conference I’ve ever attended (with the possible exception of the Marty Feldman fan club). I’d also like to suggest that C4[3] be moved to neighboring Wisconsin, which is home to @rentzsch as well as to “Fun”, as @dylanbr (or was it @bruzenak?) correctly noted.

The highlight of the weekend was meeting a lot of people — basically, everyone, including my coworkers — for the first time. Unfortunately, however, they came to realize that I’m a complete fraud who has been contracting out all of my coding to @macgeek02. As a result, I was fired by @PBones, fired by qdc (@???), and retroactively fired by @markonen. Fortunately, I had a backup plan: I stowed away in @wilshipley’s luggage and am now living in his basement.

C4[2] was not brought to you by the letter ‘w’. For some strange reason, the Apple Store refuses to sell individual keycaps. Disaster was avoided, though, when @PBones genius-ly performed an emergency transplant. |hat a relief that \as!

backslash key w key

Another disaster was avoided when I failed to get into a fight. There were many opportunities. The much anticipated battle for supremacy over Radioshift between myself and @kickingbear never materialized. A little anticipated battle over tunes was quickly resolved when @mikeash chose Dire Straits. Apparently, drunkenbatman was too afraid to show after hearing about my unresolved anger over crashing our WebKit apps. On the other hand, the unresolved anger of @jimcorreia over stealing his chair was redirected toward @chockenberry.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that someone other than my cat and my parole officer reads my blog. I won’t name names, for the same reason that “Hustler” comes in a plain, brown wrapper. I won’t name everyone I met at C4 either, because there are [2] many, but please know that I enjoyed talking with you and that I’ve put all of your names in an SQLite database, of course.

2 Responses to “Postlude in C4[2] major”

  1. Rufus says:

    I had trouble finding replacement key caps too, so I went and asked at my local Apple Store. Before I’d finished asking, they produced an individually bagged key cap from a drawer behind the counter at no charge! Right square bracket, in case you’re wondering :)

  2. Jeff says:

    Rufus, thanks a lot for the tip! I made a genius bar appointment, and they replaced not only my ‘W’ key but also my worn Apple/Command key (which you can also see in the second photo).