WWDC or bust

Thanks to the generosity of Rogue Amoeba, the Ford Foundation, and listeners like you, I’ll be attending WWDC this year. If you want to find me there, I’ll be the one wearing a Rogue Amoeba T-shirt.

Actually, I’ll be one of the ones wearing a Rogue Amoeba T-shirt. The cute one.

No, sorry, that’s Paul. Let’s face it: in our fab four, I’m the Ringo. (Or for you younger folks, the Michael Anthony.) My plan is to earn millions hanging out with those other guys and making thumping noises in the background.

This will be my first time attending WWDC. I’m really looking forward to meeting fellow developers such as Rainer Brockerhoff and … umm … err … yeah. Anyway, hope to see you there!

To those poor, unfortunate souls who won’t be at the Moscone Center on Monday, I offer a consolation: the official 2009 WWDC keynote home game! The rules are straightforward. (1) Whenever Phil Schiller says something, drink. Heavily.

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