Jeff Johnson

My email address begins with contact-me
and ends with the domain of this web site.


Résumé in pdf

Experience: 10 years as a professional Mac and iOS software engineer

Expertise: C, Objective-C, Swift, Cocoa, Xcode, Git

Underpass for Mac and iOS in the App Store (2016 - Current)

I'm the creator, owner, and sole developer.

Rogue Amoeba Software (2008 - 2016)

I was lead developer of Airfoil, Airfoil Satellite (formerly Airfoil Speakers), and Radioshift. I was co-lead developer of Intermission and Pulsar. I also wrote large amounts of shared framework code that ships in every Rogue Amoeba app.

5 year anniversary: Another Momentous Occasion

Guest blog post: Sierra and Gatekeeper Path Randomization

Farewell: Rogue Amoeba's 2016
"eight years of rock-solid code inside just about every one of our apps"

FTS InfoTech (2007 - 2008)

I worked on Apple internal Cocoa applications such as Espresso, Merlin, Radar, and Sonar.

Marko Karppinen & Co. (2006 - 2007)

I was lead developer of Knox for Mac. I also worked on Pyro, a Mac client for Campfire chat.

Open Source

I'm the creator and lead developer of Bonjeff.

I was the lead developer and project administrator of Vienna RSS.

I was a developer of the ClickToFlash WebKit Plug-in.