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9/4/2019The Safari Extensions Gallery is no longer available
8/27/2019Important Information Regarding the Safari Extensions Gallery
7/11/2019A problem worse than Zoom
7/2/2019Stop Safari from autosubmitting login forms
6/10/2019Private browsing in Safari with StopTheMadness
6/7/2019Catalina app compatibility
6/6/2019My Twitter account has been locked for a third time
5/30/2019We believe that what’s in our store says a lot about who we are
5/4/2019Introducing StopTheNews
4/30/2019StopTheMadness First Anniversary
4/23/2019Google Chrome can no longer disable hyperlink auditing
4/21/2019The true and false security benefits of Mac app notarization
4/17/2019More madness stopped: beacons
4/13/2019The madness stopped: anchor ping
4/10/2019Postmortem: iTunes Affiliate for apps
4/8/2019Some thoughts on anchor ping
4/3/2019Safari link tracking can no longer be disabled
3/14/2019NetService NutHouse
2/24/2019My Twitter account has been locked again
2/18/2019Finally credit from Apple Product Security
2/9/2019Spying on Safari in Mojave
2/8/2019Still no credit from Apple Product Security
1/17/2019Stop Google Search Results Tracking
1/16/2019StopTheMadness for Firefox
12/21/2018The Mac App Store Safari Extensions Experience
12/14/2018Text view adventures, Part 4
12/12/2018Text view adventures, Part 3
12/6/2018Mac app notarization and customer privacy
12/5/2018Text view adventures, Part 2
12/1/2018Text view adventures, Part 1
11/16/2018Hardened Runtime and Sandboxing
11/6/2018StopTheMadness for Google Chrome
11/2/2018macOS 10.14.1 Privacy: What's fixed and what's not
11/1/2018Mac App Store Bundles
10/26/2018Rickroll Resurrected
10/16/2018Mac Mail with Google 2-step and Yubico
9/26/2018Another hole in Mojave privacy protection
9/20/2018No cookie for you!
8/22/2018Prevent App Nap Programmatically
8/7/2018Race to Under the Bottom
7/26/2018Stop The Mad Icon
7/12/2018Ode to a MacBook Pro
7/1/2018NSOnState is deprecated
6/11/2018Debugging on Mojave
5/21/2018App Translocation and Safari App Extensions
5/16/2018My Twitter account has been locked
4/30/2018Stop The Madness
2/1/2018A Record 13 Weeks
12/27/2017A holiday gift
12/4/2017Key difference between Dictionary and NSDictionary
11/24/2017The Mystery of the Phantom App Updates
10/20/2017Working without a nib, Part 11: Why?
10/14/2017Local variables are still free, in Swift
10/9/2017Free as in app
9/1/2017NSStringEncoding Considered Harmful
8/23/2017Go all in with xcconfig
7/24/2017NSNotificationCenter is thread-safe NOT NOT
6/29/2017Working without a nib, Part 10: Mac Main Menu
6/27/2017I was on a podcast
6/19/2017Porting Objective-C to Swift
4/15/2017Problems with Objective-C annotations
4/4/2017Not just the Mac Pro
4/2/2017Twitter only mutes 100 keywords
2/28/2017Autoresizing UITextView
2/14/2017Whither Swift?
2/4/2017Follow-up on a Record 14 Weeks
2/2/2017Slow Week?
2/1/2017A Record 14 Weeks
1/31/201770 Cents Put Me on the Mac App Store Charts
1/25/2017Working without a nib, Part 9: Shipping without a nib
1/18/2017Inaugurating Underpass
12/5/2016Textured Tabbed Windows
10/31/2016We don't need no stinking badges
10/17/2016Working without a nib, Part 8: The nib awakens
10/7/2016Translocate Relocated
10/6/2016Distributing Outside the Mac App Store
9/26/2016Caveat Formatter
9/24/2016Symmetric Encryption
9/17/2016Keychain Sync
8/16/2016MIA: SecTranslocate
7/26/2016Detect App Translocation Without the 10.12 SDK
6/17/2016In Memoriam
6/15/2016Zero Day?
6/14/2016App Translocation
4/18/2016What's Wrong With Twitter
12/29/2015SecTransformExecuteAsync Considered Confusing
10/3/2015The OpenSSL Blues
8/2/2015Checking for El Capitan
4/3/2015Validate Project Settings: Never!
9/23/2014Lack of Communication
8/5/2014Breaking the resource rules
4/21/2014NSNotificationCenter is thread-safe NOT
4/13/2014Cancel WWDC
4/7/2014Dispatch Queues and Run Loop Modes
4/6/2014Mark Not All as Read
4/5/2014Winter is Coming
5/5/2013The Definitive Guide to Installing Xcode 3 on Mountain Lion (Without Kernel Panics)
5/4/2013SDK vs. Deployment Target

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