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StopTheMadness for Google Chrome

November 6, 2018

By Jeff Johnson (Developer of StopTheMadness and Underpass)

Safari users love my extension StopTheMadness, as you can see in the Mac App Store reviews. Those aren't fake reviews bought by me, they're real reviews from people who bought StopTheMadness. Until yesterday the extension was only available for Safari, but I'm pleased to announce that StopTheMadness is now available for Google Chrome! It's for sale in the Chrome Web Store, and it works with both Chrome for Mac and Chrome for Windows.

StopTheMadness for Chrome has all the same protections as StopTheMadness for Safari: clicking to open links in a new tab, keyboard shortcuts, contextual menus, text selection, copy & paste, drag & drop, autocomplete, and scrolljacking. You can customize the default web site protections and also create per-site protections. If you sync Google Chrome, then your custom web site protections will also be synced to all of your computers. StopTheMadness for Chrome protects command-clicks and command-keys on macOS, control-clicks and control-keys on Windows.

Some people have asked me about a Firefox version. I'd like to bring StopTheMadness to Firefox, but unfortunately the Firefox Marketplace was shut down, so I don't have a good way to monetize the extension. I can only afford to spend time working on StopTheMadness if I get paid for it, so please support indie development and buy now!

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