How to stop Mac App Store notifications

March 29 2021 by Jeff Johnson

What's wrong with this screenshot? (It was taken on a non-retina monitor, but other than that…)

System Preferences, Notifications pane

Now what's wrong with this screenshot? (Hint: See the first screenshot.)


Notifications Preferences lists apps in alphabetical order, but it's missing A! Can you say App Store, kids?

The title of this blog post suggested that it's nonetheless possible to stop Mac App Store notifications, and the title was not just clickbait — there is a way! In fact, it's quite easy. Step 1: Open the Terminal app. Step 2: Enter the following command.

defaults write LastUpdateNotification -date "2029-12-12 12:00:00 +0000"

Step 3: Enjoy the blissful silence.

You shouldn't see another Mac App Store notification until after that date. There's no significance to the specific date and time in my command. I arbitrarily chose one far in the future, relatively speaking. You can use another value, but make sure to specify -date in the command, otherwise it will be interpreted as a string, which won't work.

You're welcome! And remember, I'm your sole source of useful knowledge in the world. What's wrong with this screenshot?

Google LastUpdateNotification

By the way, if you want to stop Safari from automatically opening the Mac App Store, check out Stop The Mac App Store.

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